Zonzo Estate Wedding of Siobhan and Brad

Tell me about the beginning!

Bradley and I have been together for (almost) fifteen years. We met when we were both twenty-three at a mutual friends’ party (they were brother and sister, a good friend of Brad’s and a good friend of mine). Brad was playing lounge room cricket the first time I saw him; he was so engrossed in his game that he barely noticed me! But we became friends after that and started dating about three months later. We’ve had a long, happy life together so far. We spent most of our twenties together, moved to Edinburgh for five years, adopted a dog, bought a house, and finally — best of all — had our beautiful boy about a year ago, Alexander. Our relationship always came very naturally to us and it’s been both wonderful and wonderfully “ordinary”, in the sense that we’re each others’ partners and best friends. Sharing a life together has been our stability and safe place in a world that’s always changing. We’ve been there for each others’ major achievements, ups and downs, and everything in between!


When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged a few weeks after the COVID lockdowns. I had just moved jobs into my current career as an archaeologist. It was our anniversary morning and Brad brought me breakfast in bed. The ring was in this wooden heart-shaped box that I thought was a salt shaker, so I immediately picked and tried to “shake” it onto my omelet! It of course wasn’t. I then opened it up and noticed the ring. I remember that our dog Mollie (a German Shorthaired Pointer) is food-obsessed, so she was hovering uncomfortably close the entire time, staring intensely at the omelet that I forgot all about in my excitement.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We’re very relaxed and family-oriented people, so we want our wedding day to reflect that. Our colours are very earthy — greens, whites, pale pinks (like the flowers), so nothing too flashy or bright, if that makes sense! We’ve also really tried to choose our celebrant, makeup artist, hairdresser, venue, and (especially!) our photographer based on the fact that they all seem to be friendly, fun people who we’re excited to hang out with during different parts of the day! I don’t think we actually had a style or theme in mind. We just wanted everything to be beautiful, relaxed, and fun. We really want to enjoy our day, have a good laugh, and throw a great party for our guests!


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Having a wonderful, relaxing, and fun time with our families and friends — the people we share our lives with and who are most important to us — and building memories with them.


Top Tips!

It’s hard to see how everything will fit together and fall into place when it’s such a big event, but it does and it will. Don’t stress too much about the puzzle pieces all coming together — all your family, friends, and vendors know what they’re doing and will put you on the right path if you lose your way in the planning chaos.