Zonzo Estate Wedding of Megan and Curtis

Tell me about your The Beginning!
We met at a Music Festival in May 2013, Curtis lived in Adelaide and Megan was living in Bendigo.
A ‘friend of a friend of a friend’ scenario resulted in us sitting next to one another on the grass in the sun.
Curtis gave Megan his number, and wouldn’t take hers. His logic was that he couldn’t be wasting time chasing girls, they needed to come to him! And that she did, planning a visit all the way over to Adelaide only 6 weeks later (pretty extreme for a first date!).
After almost 3 years of a long distance relationship, countless flights and a handful of painfully long drives, we finally moved to Melbourne together.


When and where did you get engaged?
After some lengthy lockdowns delayed, and then further delayed, Curtis’ attempts to get Megan’s ring made – Curtis finally got the opportunity to propose in December 2020. Not quite the overseas proposal he originally envisioned, he booked a weekend trip away to the Yarra Valley. The perfect weather, a picnic and a just a few too many wines later, Curtis got on to one knee, and opened the ring box. Either the wine or nerves somewhat got the better of him, as he just forgot to actually ask the question! So our marriage journey was started with Megan prompting him what to do next, very fitting for our relationship dynamic!!


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?
Contemporary / Minimal


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
Megan: That first sip of champagne after the ceremony – as a married couple!
Curtis: The first time I see Megan, and the reaction / emotions of our family on the day.


Top Tips!
Megan: “Be Super Organised”
Curtis: “Marry Someone Organised”