Zonzo Estate Wedding of Jake and Steven

Tell me about your beginning!
We met in 2014, while both still at university. After a week or so of texting and general getting to know each other, we decided to catch up in person, for a coffee and a movie. To say Steven was shocked by Jake’s height was an understatement, but he was soon captivated by Jake’s charm, adorable dimples, infectious laugh and general lovability. As time has gone by, they have both grown to love and embrace the height difference, the complementary personalities and try every day to make the other laugh and smile.

We made a website for our guests – withjoy.com/steven-and-jake Password: Stake2023


When and where did you get engaged?
Jake proposed while on a trip to Tasmania – after 8 years together, Steven had stopped expecting a proposal on our many trips back to Tasmania to see Jakes family. Our morning started with a surprise helicopter ride over the Tasman Peninsula, landing on a secluded inlet where Jake finally proposed, complete with picnic and champagne.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?
We want our wedding to be as relaxed as possible. A fantastic chance to celebrate our love with our family and friends. We want everyone to feel like themselves and are there to have a great time!


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
We are looking forward to marrying one another – and calling each other husbands!!! Also, celebrating with those we love and care for the most.


Top Tips!
Do what feels like you, take the advice or others but do what makes you comfortable and makes your day feel like you. Keep track of all your emails and your invoices! Hopefully one of you is handy with an excel spreadsheet and designing free websites!