Levantine Hill Estate Wedding of Krystal and Liam

Tell me about your The Beginning!
We met as children (Our families new each other) we were around 8 or 9. Krystal used to want to play with me and I was always to shy. We lost contact for 10 years with my family moving back to Brisbane. I moved back to Melbourne at 17 and started working at my Uncles salon – Co owned by Krystal’s sister. Krystal came in to the shop a few times before we really re connected. After a few times of her coming into the shop, by chance I was closing up and Krystal had just finished having her hair done. I had to catch a tram home and asked what she was doing, which Krystal replied waiting to catch up with some friends. We then decided to wait for the tram together, I sat with Krystal for an hour or so as we chatted away whilst we waited for her friends (also missing many trams). I didn’t want her waiting on Lygon St alone – a core value I’ve been brought up with from my Mum. It’s amazing how that moment in time our conversation seemed so insignificant, yet it was the true beginning of something special. This is the exact moment that we reconnected


When and where did you get engaged?
What a special day, so much planning went into this. Krystal was spending a day at the beach with her family and without her knowing I was gallivanting around Red hill’s winery’s looking for the perfect spot to propose this was in January. From there I fell in love with Pt Leo. I organise a photographer to attend Pt Leo in April where I had booked Krystal and I to go for lunch and then to walk around the sculpture park. That’s where I proposed with the photographer acting as someone photographing the sculptures. I played our favourite song (which she will be walking down the aisle to) and proposed. Krystal was in shock and said yes! My favourite memory was of Krystal after she had recomposed herself, she turned to me and set OMG I need to call Dad. Little did she know I had arranged for our whole families to be on top of the hill with food and drinks to share the special day with us.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?
Black Tie


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
The moment Krystal walks down the aisle


Top Tips!
Send there emails earlier than two week before the wedding. Have fun in the planning process and enjoy the ride.

Krystal + Liam's A-Team of Suppliers for their Levantine Hill Estate Wedding

Photographer: Rick Liston

Second Shooter: Jesse Graham

Venue: Levantine Hill

Celebrant: Shura Taft

Dress Designer: Cappellazzo Couture

Videographer: Moon & Back Co

Florist: Create It Melbourne

Stylist: Create It Melbourne

Live Music: Rutherford Entertainment

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