Levantine Hill Wedding of Eliza and Michael

Eliza + Michael's Tribe of Legends for their Levantine Hill Wedding:

Venue: Levantine Hill

Celebrant: Janet Hussey

Florist: Style By Nature

Dress: Jessica Couture

Suit: Armani

Make Up Artist: Baby Dolls Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist: Vicky Bridal Hair


Eliza and Michael proved that planning their Levantine Hill wedding in the span of six weeks, is not only possible, but two incredibly capable people supported by an A team of legends, it was like a fun challenge!

These guys were originally planning on eloping, but once the reality set in of their favourite friends and family not being able to be a part of the day, they had to change it up and make sure everyone was there to behold their epic ceremony and dine in the magnificent Levantine Hill for the reception.

Michael, Greg and Keira got ready in the ever stunning Farmhouse at Meletos, while Eliza cracked the champagne with her sister Evelyn over at Balgownie Estate.

In the shade of an oak tree on a picture perfect day in the Yarra Valley, Janet Hussey led us through such a heartfelt, hilarious ceremony where we saw just how much emotion Michael was capable of once we peeled back the serious veneer.

The reception, as you may expect with a crowd of Malaysian party animals, was a chorus of epic ‘Yam Seng’ cheers, mixed in with apparently one-too-many tequila shots. As the night wound down, Eliza, Michael and I wandered out into the night for a few shots under the stars.

Thank you so much guys for involving me in your beautiful Levantine Hill Wedding! It was wild.