Immerse Winery Wedding of Debbie and Chris

Tell me about the beginning!

We met at the dance club in Uni – Monash Dance Sport (now known as Monash Dance Society) at one of the annual general meetings! We went for ramen in the city for our first date! I asked Chris if he would be interested to go for a dance workshop together, he agreed. Then nearer to the date, he asked me out for ramen before the workshop – so that worked out hehehe (but I confessed to Chris on the train back home that night)


When and where did you get engaged?

So Chris and I were doing long distance after I graduated from uni and had to head back home to Singapore, then COVID happened, so we were apart for 3 years. When the borders finally opened, he came by for a short trip (went ring shopping together) and a few months later I flew to Melbourne for a short trip. Chris organised a staycation in the city – he booked a hotel room @ The Sebel and we went to watch Harry Potter @ Princess Theatre. I remember leaving the doors to the bedroom open, lights off. But when we came back from Harry Potter, the doors were closed and lights were on! We had bought maccas on the way back and I was starting to get mad. I was saying “What? I remember I turned off the lights and left the doors open… Did someone come in here?? If so, the security is really laxed here. I’m gna have to feedback about this!!”

Just as I was about to dig in, I needed the toilet. So in order to get to the toilet – I needed to get past the bedroom.

I walked in a huff (still angry at the very “laxed” security) towards the toilet, opened the doors and OMG.

Huge letters “MARRY ME” all light up with rose petals around and flowers!!!!! PLACED RIGHT THERE!!!!! LMAO.

I turned around and saw Chris kneeling down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I instantly said yes 😀
(yes I did not end up going to the toilet if you wish to know :p)


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We didn’t specifically set a style/theme but we really liked and wanted the simple, rustic, romantic venue/decor!

But we also wna describe our wedding as:
The party of our lifetime: an epic celebration of our love with our friends and family!


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

GETTING MARRIED!!! and having the best party of our lives really.


Top Tips!

Somehow you’ll overspend. Somehow you’ll have more guests than intended. Sometimes things just happen and don’t go the way you imagine it to be. It’s ok, don’t fret!! Just keep moving and things will work out!