Immerse Winery Wedding of Beccy and Tony

Tell me about your The Beginning!

Kiwi (Tony) meets Aussie (Bec) in London. This is how our story started in the UK summer of 2016. We remember the day vividly as it was 33 degrees, which in London is unbearable so we turned to wine to cool down… Of course, we all know how that ended. We met in what is now one of our favourite bars in Clapham after hitting it off online and realising we had a lot in common; travel, wine, music, and of course being from the southern hemisphere – though we continue to argue about which is the better country. We spent the next six months getting to know each other and exploring Europe together, enjoying the expat life and making life-long memories and friends. Suddenly Tony was asked to move down under for work and after only a short time knowing each other we took a gamble and moved together to the other side of the world, landing ourselves in Melbourne. It was a gamble that paid off.


When and where did you get engaged?

We booked a getaway to the Yarra Valley for the long weekend, which was nothing out the ordinary for us given our love of exploring and traveling. Whilst on a wine tour another couple on the tour announced they had just got engaged the day before so naturally this became the topic of conversation. Tony made a point, several times in fact (and perhaps a little too strongly in retrospect) that he didn’t think marriage was for him. I remember thinking to myself ‘I didn’t know he was THAT opposed to marriage’ but quickly moved on not worrying too much about it. Later that night we had planned to take the telescope out to watch the stars and planets, another shared love of ours. Sadly, it was just our luck that despite a beautifully clear day it clouded over by night fall. So, after a lovely dinner we then headed back to our Airbnb for a few quite wines instead (another shared love of ours). Tony then checked in with me to see I was feeling ok after voicing his strong opinions about marriage earlier in the day. I told him I was a little surprised by his response which led to a conversation about what we wanted from our relationship. A quick spin around, grab in his bag, and spin back around onto one knee, there he was with a ring in hand responding with “this is what I want, will you marry me?”. I was caught completely by surprise and couldn’t hide my excitement and happiness and of course said yes. All his strongly voiced opinions about marriage earlier in the day finally made sense…


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

No specific theme, but I would say simple, natural. Groomsmen/Groome in a light linen suite. Bridesmaids in emerald, green. White/simple flowers, mostly green foliage on wooden tables.


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

The people, the party! Having waited 3 years for this wedding (f**k you COVID) we can’t wait to have everyone together to celebrate this special occasion. Lots of family and friends coming from around the globe are meeting for the first time (our parents included lol).


Top Tips!

Enjoy the process! The planning is meant to be fun and exciting, not stressful. Do what’s important to you not what you think is important to others. Have fun!