The Riverstone Estate Wedding of Xiaoke and Nofel

Tell me about the beginning!
We met on a dating app. After many many bad dates, I almost lost hope in finding someone. When Nofel came into my life, he is like a breath of fresh air, respectful, caring and trustworthy (this one is a big tick). For Nofel, after coming out a long turbulent relationship, he finds that being with me brings him calmness, safety and a sense of true self.


When and where did you get engaged?
We got engaged on 10 July 2022.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
We look forward to having a great time with family and friends, being able to chat to each everyone of them.


Top Tips!
Plan early, stress less. Set your budget and stick to it