Flowerdale Estate Wedding Ash and Nathan

Ash + Nathan's Tribe of Legends for their Flowerdale Estate Wedding:

Celebrant: Lisa Butler

Florist: Sue Stasinowsky

Wedding Dress: Madi Lane

Suit Designer: Oscar Hunt

Hair & Makeup Artist: Amy Bysouth

Cake: Bittersweet Cakes

Band: Baker Boys


I love a Flowerdale Estate wedding.

A large part of that is because of the legends they always attract. These guys were no different and from the moment I met them over a beer in the pub, we were destined to have an awesome time.

Ash and Nathan are so incredibly cute together. This couldn’t have been more evident than during the ceremony where they literally spent the whole time whispering sweet nothings to one another and laughing. They have their own, beautiful world together and I was absolutely thrilled to be invited into it.

They really embraced the spectacular venue and were down with all of my suggestions. Despite being in an immaculate Maddi Lane dress, Ash didn’t hesitate to wander into the sheep paddocks, not once but three times throughout the day and night which resulted in these freaking awesome photos that I’m so proud of.

I really believe you get out what you put in when it comes to photography and having the ‘yes’ attitude translates directly into sunset magic, laughing ridiculousness, and breath taking starry night hero shots that give a little glimpse into the state of the universe on your wedding day.