how to outsource your editing


If you’re considering outsourcing your editing but are nervous about handing over the reins to another company, nervous about how much it will cost, nervous about the time you’ll have to invest into finding the right editor, this is for you! Because that was me.

As my wedding business grew, I was finding all of my time at home was spent smashing through edits. It was great that I was getting so much work but one of the reasons I was so keen to become a wedding photographer was the time I thought I would have at home with my family compared to an office job. When I started, I was so proud to say that I got to spend more time with my daughter than most other fathers I knew.

While it’s true I’m home a lot, I just started realising I actually had very little time where I didn’t need to be on the computer. I noticed I was no longer being a present father. The number one thing I want to avoid in my life is becoming a shit dad.

I knew the biggest chunk of that time I was spending on my computer was editing my weddings.

A few wedding photographers I knew encouraged me to outsource so I did a trial with a few companies and even tried finding one through upwork. But the edits I got back were just too far from what I would have done myself and took too much time correcting to justify the cost so I went back to doing it myself.

That was until I saw my favourite Australian wedding photographer, Van Middleton make a post on his insta one day about his new editing services and I knew straight away where I was heading. I had been following Van for a while, spoken to him, gotten his advice on a few things and was always just blown away by what a sick c***t he is. A legend photographer who is both extremely talented and yet humble. I knew I’d feel comfortable coming to him with any issues I was having and because he was starting out, I knew he’d be doing whatever it took to make sure I was happy.

Over 60 weddings edited by Wildernis later, I can now come on here and confidently say these guys are legit, they’re awesome, they’ve completely turned by workflow and life around and I know I actually couldn’t operate now without them. It’s also meant that with my weekdays freed up, I can now fill those days with elopements and my capacity to earn has hugely increased. I’m so happy I found them and so is my family who get all that daddy time back.

The value Wildernis offers compared to other Editors out there is insane. I started making a table to share with a mate to demonstrate just how much cheaper they were than the other sites out there and thought I’d share it with you.

I’ve included my discount code ‘RICKL’ which gives you 10% off on all orders. This is an affiliate code from which we both benefit.


I also made a video to basically show the process I go through to outsource my editing with Wildernis. I suggest watching at a speed of at least 1.5x to smash through it.


And use code 'RICKL' for 10% off every order.

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