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Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley


Are you having your wedding in the Yarra Valley and looking for a fun, reliable, creative photographer who will capture your wedding in a beautiful, non-invasive, documentary style? You’ve come to the right place!

Just a few more reasons to consider me as your yarra valley wedding photographer


Genuine Local

I don’t just advertise here, I’m born and raised in Healesville

Fast Turnaround Time

I’ll send your professionally corrected photos off within two weeks of your wedding day.

Next Day Previews

The post wedding struggle is real! I’ll send you a few preview photos from the day before to help ease the pain.

Fully Insured

I am covered for Public Liability should anything unthinkable arise.

Lifetime Warranty on Albums

My stunning hand made, lay-flat wedding albums come with a lifetime warranty from Renaissance Albums. It’s your wedding album, why shouldn’t it?

Duplicate Photos

Thanks to my top-of-the-line cameras, every photo I take is immediately recorded to Dual Memory Cards to protect against card corruption so your wedding day photos remain safe.


About Me


I’m Yarra Valley born and raised and owe a great deal to my parents for having the foresight to move to Healesville in the 70s.

After spending my adult years living between Shanghai and Ibiza, chasing the ultimate lifestyle balance of city and sea, I know there’s no better place than here to be raising my daughter, Vedra Jade. She’s the little embodiment of our family trinity; the chaos and unpredictability of Shanghai where my wife and I met, the untold beauty, passion and fire of Ibiza where she was born, and the disarming endearment of the Yarra Valley where we live now.

I’ve taken photos on all seven continents and have been published worldwide. Working for the likes of Jack Ma (China’s richest man), Johnnie Walker and even Disney with the Amazing Race, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of seeing many foreign places through my ability to capture the human spirit and to resonate with whomever I meet.

It’s only fitting then that a lifetime of moment hunting would lead me to wedding photography and into the lives of so many couples embarking on the same odyssey of discovery and relationships that have left me so fulfilled.

It’s really rather phenomenal, to return to the town you grew up in, having discovered there’s actually no where else you’d rather be. I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet you here in person for a coffee or a gin to chat about life, the valley, and your wedding day. I hope I can be a part of it.

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Yarra Valley Wedding Photography Packages


As your Yarra Vallery wedding photographer, I want to give you as much value as possible. I offer three affordable packages including the All Day Wedding Photographer package that will provide you with the best possible coverage of your wedding day and all of the professionally corrected photos are yours to keep! My packages start from $1800.



I offer my clients a 6hr coverage of their wedding day which should be enough to cover the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, location shoot, and the start of the reception.


300+ of your gorgeous wedding images will be professionally corrected and delivered, unwatermarked, in both high resolution for quality printing, and low resolution for email/social sharing. Additionally, I will host your own web gallery of your wedding photos to share with your family and friends.


You will receive your photos on a high speed wooden USB 3.0 stick, presented in a stunning maple box with a handful of 6 x 4 prints as a keepsake.



This package includes 8 hours of coverage. This will safely be enough for the bride and groom preparation, the ceremony, location shoot and a significant portion of the reception.


   400+ professionally corrected and unwatermarked photos in both high and low resolutions. The best photos will be hosted on a web gallery for you to share with your family and friends. You’ll also receive $1000 credit toward a carefully designed lay-flat Wedding Album, hand made in New York and secured by a lifetime guarantee from Renaissance Albums.


Your wedding album will be delivered in a solid black stitched presentation box and your photos on a wooden high speed USB 3.0 stick in a stunning maple box along with a handful of 6 x 4 prints.



This package includes All Day coverage, starting from the bride and groom preparations, to the ceremony, location shoot and through the entire reception until the send-off. Don’t miss a moment!


500+ professionally corrected photos, unwatermarked, in both high and low resolutions, with the best shots hosted on a web gallery. You’ll receive $1500 album credit toward a carefully designed lay-flat wedding album, hand made in New York and secured by a lifetime warranty from Renaissance Albums. You’ll also receive a beautiful, high quality framed and matted 16 x 20″ print from Queensberry.


Your wedding album will be delivered in a solid black stitched presentation box. Your print will arrive ready to hang, with a white matte and black frame. Your photos will be sent on a wooden high speed USB 3.0 stick in a beautiful maple box along with a handful of 6 x 4 prints.




$ 1800

6 Hours
  • High & Low Resolution Images
  • 300+ Photos
  • Online Gallery


$ 2800

8 Hrs
  • $1000 Album Credit
  • High & Low Resolution Imagery
  • 400+ Photos
  • Online Gallery


$ 3800

All Day
  • Unlimited Time
  • $1500 Album Credit
  • 16 x 20″ Framed Photo Enlargement
  • High & Low Resolution Imagery
  • 500+ Photos
  • Online Gallery

Looking for Wedding Videography too?

Additional Photography Time

Wedding $200 / hr
Engagement Session $350
Rehearsal Dinner $350

Album Pricing

Album Size (Inches) Base Price (12 Spreads) Price Per Additional Spread
8 x 8 $800 $40
10 x 10 $1000 $50
12 x 12 $1200 $60

Please note, 1 Spread = 2 Pages. Prices are inclusive of GST & Shipping

Receive a 40% DISCOUNT on duplicate albums the same size or smaller

Aerial Photography


Want to add that extra WOW! factor to your photos?

I also offer Aerial Wedding Photography to my couples getting married in the Yarra Valley.

You’ve settled on a scenic wedding location, there is no better way to capture the landscape than with aerial photography. Capable of capturing the vast vineyards sweeping over the Yarra Valley with the bridal couple cutting a striking figure as you meander through the vines.

Please note: This service is, of course, location and weather dependent.

Yarra Valley Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography Yarra Valley


This Beast is powered by six propellers and carries a Sony a7 capable of capturing the stunning landscape in 24MP to ensure you can print these high quality photos on a large scale. Piloted by the best CASA Certified and fully insured operator and commercial pilot in the Yarra Valley, you will be blown away these photos that were never before possible.


This compact and lightweight quadcopter will capture your breathtaking wedding vistas in 12MP on its built in camera. Get the perspective only drones can achieve with this incredible value offer.

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What's the deal with the album credit?

The cost of each album will vary depending on size and page count. So offering album credit gives you a lot more flexibility to create the perfect album for you rather than offering a fixed album for everybody. Have a look at the additional pricing section for an idea on what you can get for the album credit provided.

Will we get to meet you before the wedding?

Absolutely. I would love to take the opportunity to get to know you both and ensure we vibe on the same wavelength. The Yarra Valley has the virtue of being laden with incredible cafes for us to meet at. If you are interstate or abroad, we can also just as easily set a skype date.

Argh! I hate posing. I just want natural shots. Is that ok?

Not a problem. My ninja skills are top notch and I am very effective at capturing those spontaneous funny/sentimental/romantic moments. If you like, during the location shoot, I can offer some direction, but they will be general ideas and I always endeavour to keep it fun and light hearted.

So what will we ultimately receive?

This is your wedding day, your moments, your memories, and there’s nothing I want more than for you to have your images that capture these to do with whatever you please. That’s why in all of my packages, you receive your unwatermarked, unrestricted, professionally edited photographs in high resolution to be enlarged and printed to your heart’s content. You will also receive web friendly versions that can be shared online through any social media sites. I will even put together a bespoke web album of the best shots so you can easily send the link to anyone around the world.

If you book one of my album packages, you will receive album credit toward a stunning leather bound, lay-flat, seemless wedding album filled with thick, premium photographic pages.

Will all of my photos be photoshopped?

Every photo I take is processed through Adobe Lightroom, with many adjustments including cropping, exposure, highlights/shadows, contrast, vibrancy, colour, noise and sharpness. All of these combine to create incredibly striking images while still looking very natural, not photos that overwhelm you with filters, over saturation or heavy vignetting. I try to achieve an accurate reflection of how the day really looked. I will also create virtual copies of some photos in Black & White when I feel it works well.

What happens if you can’t make it on the day?

In the very unlikely event that I can’t make it to the wedding (it has never happened yet), I have three back up photographers who I will call on to take my place depending on their availability, Chris Garbacz, Mark Fitzgerald and Sarah Mackie.

Is it just you or will there be a second photographer?

Yes, it’s just me, this way I can control the quality of the photos without having to charge double for another experienced, professional wedding photographer. Occasionally, I may bring an assistant who will also be taking photos, but I will get clearance from you first to ensure you won’t mind.

Should we order a meal for you too?

That would be fantastic! Venues will often offer discounted prices for photographer’s meals. Wedding photography throughout a long day takes a lot of energy so some sustenance would be much appreciated. When guests are eating is also not the most ideal time to be taking photos!

If we decide on the day that we’d like you to stay longer, will that be possible?

Of course! My rate for additional time is $200p/hr.

What do I need to provide you with?

I will require a running sheet of the day with the start times, addresses of all locations and important contact numbers. I will also need you to consider in advance which group photos you would like after the ceremony. It will help if you designate a friend or family member (preferably one who is very comfortable being bossy!) who can wrangle the right people together for each photo. These have a tendency to run overtime so the more preparation the better. Ideally, everyone who needs to be in a group photo will know beforehand.

Can you still take photos if it’s raining?

Regardless or the season, there is always going to be a distinct chance of rain, such are the joys of living in the Yarra Valley! Fortunately, I have a very technical piece of equipment for such an occasion, an umbrella! I suggest you bring one too. We can capture some truly unique and shots in terrible weather so even when it’s bad, it’s good.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot Canon, with two Canons actually, equipped with the most professional L-series lenses available, to make sure I’ve always got a huge range of focal lengths at hand to capture any moment no matter where its taking place. You don’t always have time to rush off and change lenses if you see some wedding cake getting flung in the face of a guest across the room!

Will we receive all the images from the wedding?

I will deliver the edited JPEGs of any photo that has any semblance of merit. Photography will always incur duplicates, technical errors and simply bad shots. I will filter these out and edit the rest.

What is the turnaround time for the photos?

I know how excited you will be to get the photos back of your wedding day, that’s why I don’t wait for months to return the images. I aim to get the digital photos back to you within two weeks of the wedding day, a timeline I am proud to offer as it is an incomprehensible rarity in the industry.

Sounds great! We are totally vibing. How do I lock you in?

Once you are comfortable with me as your wedding photographer and would like to lock in the date, I will require a $300 deposit with the remainder to be paid on or before the day of the wedding. We can then look forward to spending one of the best days of your lives together and creating breathtaking moments that will be captured and enjoyed forever.
Rick Liston | Yarra Valley Photographer Rick Liston | Yarra Valley Photographer Rick Liston | Yarra Valley Photographer