Immerse Winery Wedding of Dani and Matt

Tell me about the beginning!

We met about 5 years ago at Church in a large group of friends, We hung out a bit socially but never had one on one time, but always gravitated towards each other and laughed a heck of a lot! Fast forward a few years and Covid hit the world! We quickly become ‘bubble buddies’ and a deeper friendship started to grow with hours upon hours spent early into the morning just talking and laughing and talking. Matt was falling in love with me quite quickly, but I wasn’t interested and only cherished the friendship and felt nothing more (so i thought!). After a year of hanging out Matt finally realised (after some prompting ) that he should ask me out on a “proper” date! The first official date happened Dec 2021 at a waterfront restaurant in Port Mel followed by a walk along the water edge and great convo (as always ). I was still not convinced! However, the friendship deepened as time was spent together and finally on Christmas morning after sharing gifts with each other, I realised how much he’d touched my heart and how much I cared about him. The 1st kiss was shared! The day was full of headspins and heart racing as we spent the day apart with family – we finally both felt the crazy butterflies of falling in love. Our hearts were drawn together, romance won us both over completely and just 3 months later Matt found himself asking the girl of his dreams to be his forever.


When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged in March 2022 on the 15th floor of Matty’s parents Docklands apartment in the outdoor garden area.
It was a dream- I was blindfolded as my friends had taken me out for the day for my 30th, and they had blindfolded me at each spot we arrived at- i thought i was at a day spa!
When they took the blindfold off I was surrounded by over like 60 red roses, and a giant big red love heart made my rose petals on the grass, as well as a giant light up marry me sign. The backdrop was the gorgeous harbour. I was in shock, i was shaking and did not expect it, as we’d only gotten together officially 3 months earlier!


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Glam/Luxe. Rustic and romantic with a touch of drama and touches of gold in all the decor.


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

The joy, excitement, adrenaline. We can’t wait to make everyone sob with our vows, (and we will be too.)


Top Tips!

Remember to stop and soak in the joy of the process!!
Agree to disagree on certain things with your partner, but don’t let it get inbetween your relationship- it’s not worth it! At the end of the day all of the planning is to celebrate your love, so try not to lose focus of what’s most important.