Immerse in the Yarra Valley Wedding of Suzie and David

Tell me about your The Beginning!
Suzie: I was taken along by a friend to see a show David had made and was performing in. I thought we were going because she was interested in him. Apparently she had plans I was unaware of. After the show the 3 of us had a drink and we discussed our cats (both black) and very similar names (Stoli and Stella). I then saw some friends I had not seen in a while and was distracted talking to them. I didn’t see him again until a few weeks later at a conference he was attending and I was working on. It was over the couple of days that we chatted and at the conference dinner after a few drinks that things progressed!

David: Several months before this, I was working on a project in Bathurst. Our mutual friend Bernie was very insistent that I meet this mysterious Suzie Franke. She was touring with a kids show (The Gruffalo), and would be in Bathurst whilst I was there. Bernie went on and on about how great this Suzie was, and that she’d be a really good match for me (Bernie wasn’t beating around the bush here, she was very actively match-making and admitted as much). I was pretty work-focused that week, but did wander into the theatre green room just in case a chance encounter might be on the cards, but I found only the Gruffalo costume hanging up to dry. Fast forward to August 2010, and I’m performing my show in Melbourne. Bernie attends opening night, and words me up pre show that she’s bringing along this Suzie person, and I absolutely HAVE to be as charming as possible after the show. Our initial meeting chat went very well, but after a few drinks Suzie gets distracted by another friend of hers who walks past, and she drifts away. Oh well, she’s not interested I guess. Fast forward another month, and we meet again at a conference. This time I manage to hold her attention!


When and where did you get engaged?
Suzie: Lonsdale street in the city after many drinks and Karaoke on my Birthday in 2017! He apparently had been trying to find the ‘right moment’ for a YEAR!


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?
Not a theme or style as such. But we have been using the word ‘Finally’ a lot (on invites, on a custom neon sign, in casual conversations). ‘Finally’ seems apt given how long we’ve been together (12 years) and how long we’ve been engaged (approaching 6 years).


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
Most looking forward to? Hmmm, tricky. Celebrating with our gathered friends and family, for sure. But also finally having a legit excuse to actually wear the wedding rings we purchased back in 2017… (yes, its been a long time coming).


Top Tips!
Gawd! First off, there’s a reason that people give themselves lots of time to plan a wedding (we didn’t – two month timeline from booking to big day). It’s definitely possible to make a wedding happen with a short turnaround, but maybe be kind to yourself… Secondly, there’s lots to plan and think about, so it’s easy to lose sight of the important things. What’s the day about? It’s a celebration of love, filled with family and friends. Focus on that. Don’t get stuck on things that might get in the way.