Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding of Lucy and Sandeep

Tell me about your The Beginning!
– How we met: Unofficially, in a dilapidated old building at The Alfred – a very brief encounter, but I recall thinking, my goodness that man can wear the hell out of those scrubs…(in highsight, not sure why he was wearing scrubs… perhaps to get that exact reaction)
– Officially, we met on Tinder, Bumble and Happn – allllllll the dating apps. On and off over 1-2 years. We would match, talk,, delete the apps or be lost to follow up… and then rematch and repeat. Early conversations were almost entirely about travel and family – where we’d been, where we’d like to go and what was important to us (and it quickly became apparent that question was actually who was important to us)
– The meet cute/first date: First date was mini-golf at Holey Moley. Sandeep was coming back and forth from Bendigo and studying for his primary anesthetic exam – so time was limited and alcohol was apparently off the cards, however Sandeep said we could flip a coin to decide whether to drink on the date when we got there… so I glued two coins together to make a double-sided coin (you make your own chance in this world!!). That said, he didn’t need much convincing – complete rubber arm. I had actually accepted a job in Brisbane the day before – which I told him this towards the end of the date alongside the fact that I was moving in a few weeks – in shock he asked me “what are you doing here then?!” to which I responded “well you seemed really nice” – and then kissed me for the first time!! And the rest is history!


When and where did you get engaged?
Who proposed and how?
Sandeep – In Sydney! We went to the blue mountains on Saturday… which I think is where he wanted to propose, but I didn’t know so I invited my cousin Bodie and her partner Lachie… so then he told me that Sunday was just for us and I wasn’t allowed to invite anyone! We had a lovely morning with pastries and walks in the sun around the botanical gardens and then went to an incredible degustation, then he got down on one knee in a more private place and said a long speech which he had written down for me to keep (so great to still have it!) – love surprises and this was the best one!! He was being a bit unusual before… not letting me hold his jacket and not taking it off despite it being really hot. Then we went on the ferry over the harbor and watched the sunset before having far too much champagne!!


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?
Classic and simple. Black and White & natural things (white roses and gum)… with a bit of sparkle!


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
FUN AND LAUGHTER with our family and friends!! and GETTING MARRIED WOOOOOO!!


Top Tips!
Don’t sweat the small stuff – no one will remember it, they will remember how they felt and how much they laughed. There’s always time for love, no matter how stressed or rushed you are preparing. Appreciate the little moments together in the madness of organising it all – this is supposed to be fun and exciting – enjoy it!!

Lucy + Sandeep's A-Team of Suppliers for their Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding

Photographer: Rick Liston

Second Shooter: Mark Fitzgerald

Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley

Celebrant: Be Mine Celebrations

Videographer: West Ward Films

Florist: Fleur McHarg

Stylist: The Providore Styling

Cake Maker: Cremorne Street Bakers

Chandelier: Chandelier Hire

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