Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding of Jackie and Shaun

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met on tinder, chatted through text for a few months & had our first date on January 16th, 2015, in Bonbeach, where shaun was living. He had organised a cheesy romantic walk along the beach to the local fish and chip shop, with the plan to sit on the beach while the sun set, but the weather turned in to a typical Melbourne evening- it was windy, cold, and started to rain, so we picked up the fish and chips and headed back to shaun’s and spent the evening with MTV on in the back ground chatting on his couch until 2am. We ended the night with a brief kiss on the lips on the way out the door, and continued to chat and see each other regularly from then on. The start of our relationship was a slow burn, neither of us would admit to our friends it was anything serious, until suddenly we realised it was and Jackie was staying most nights at Shauns. We never officially titled our relationship, so back dated our “anniversary” to our first date, as things just evolved naturally. Shaun declared his love drunkenly on Jackies Birthday in September, but backed it up by declaring it again when sober the following day. By march 2016 Jackie had fully moved in to Shauns townhouse in Bonbeach, In October 2017 we bought our first home together in Warranwood, our first daughter Isabelle was born in November 2018, and our second daughter Amelia was born Feb 2021.


When and where did you get engaged?

Shaun proposed under the Christmas tree at home on Christmas eve, 2021. We had spent the evening at our neighbours Janelle & Mikes house for Christmas dinner & drinks, before coming home and putting the two girls to bed. We had opened the Christmas eve box earlier in the day with the kids, and while we put out some Christmas presents and made sure there was room for Santa’s gifts, Shaun told me there seemed to be something still inside the Christmas eve box. Thinking he had bought me some nice earrings, after years of pestering him for a ring (along with everyone else in our circle asking him when it was going to happen), I was caught completely off guard. It was simple, sweet, and perfect.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We have set a “black tie optional” dress code, and chosen the la Famiglia dining option, spread across three long tables in the barn with us seated on the middle table. We are having more of a rustic/vintage/romatic style, with whites, creams, blush/pale pinks, greens for the flowers, and hints of gold through the dining settings like candle sticks, signage ect.


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

We are looking forward to the formalities being done, letting our hair down and having fun with our family & friends. An espresso martini, hopefully a nice sunset (please Melbourne!), some good music and just an awesome party.


Top Tips!

Don’t get too caught up in all the possible options, at the end of the day its about the two of you getting up there, saying I love you, and celebrating that with your family and friends. The add on’s and extras, the details that no one will notice, really don’t matter in the end. People will remember the fun they had, the dancing, and laughter, and so will you. Don’t dwell too much on the decisions, enjoy the process, and have a good time!