Phillip Island Winery Wedding of Caitlin and Matt

Tell me about your beginning!
Matt was playing Under 16s footy and Caitlin was the “coaches daughter”. We were 15 & 14. Our parents were already friends, and Matt already knew Pat & Chels (Caitlin’s siblings) pretty well. Caitlin spent the season crushing on Matt, which he was well aware of, and took his opportunity to make a move at the end of the season. We had a kiss, and then as you do at 15 & 14, became “boyfriend & girlfriend”. Then we grew up together, still crushing, and eventually it became clear that our best life was one we did side by side.


When and where did you get engaged?
Noosa! We had headed there for a “baby moon” when Caitlin was 7 months pregnant. Matt had had the ring for about 8 months before we got engaged. He had grand plans to propose on a sunset walk along the beach but chickened out. The next morning in the hotel room, he was so strange. Caitlin said “what is wrong with you?” And Matt replied very shaky “I’m nervous”. Caitlin instantly said “why?! What did you do?!” And Matt said “No nothing. I have to ask you something”… It became so authentic and pure and wonderfully imperfect.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?
Simple, but beautiful. It’s about not complicating things and seeing things (the place, the people, us), as it really is. It’s about the normal stuff being extraordinary.


What are you most looking forward to on the day?
Caitlin- just standing with Matt, with everyone we love in one place, and that place being so special. And dancing!
Matt- seeing how good the photographer went. I think he had the most pressure out of any. Again no pressure mate!
Matt- looking forward to speeches and first dance. Also first dance with Caitlin and her dad and me and mum


Top Tips!
Let your wedding reflect who you are. There’s so many things you may like or want or think are good ideas, but ask yourself what really matters to you, and do that!