Rick Liston + Co Photographer Jesse

Meet Jesse

Jesse is a man of action. Having walked across the whole north coast of Spain, and cycled the challenging but breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, he is infused with a love of storytelling.

Having pushed himself through incredibly hard challenges has left him with an almost serene calm, a quality you will definitely be thankful for on your wedding day. He effortlessly weaves his way into your day, authentically telling your story in his beautiful, unique way.

His Featured Weddings


Laura + Aaron

Riverstone Estate



Aisling + Alex

The Conservatory

Maddison + Michael

Acacia Ridge

Love Note

"I recommend Jesse to everyone!"

"Not only are we in love with our wedding photos, but Jesse was such a lovely, polite, well presented and all round amazing guy to have taking photos on our special day. Jesse really paid attention to the setting and photographed little details that made our day uniquely ours. He managed to really reflect who we are in our photos. If I could rate him higher than 5 I would"


Questions & Answers

Who will we deal with leading up to the wedding?

Rick will be your point of contact throughout the whole journey, getting you ready for your big day by guiding you through the whole process up to your wedding where Jesse will be your rockstar photographer!


What happens if Jesse is unable to make it on the day?

The good thing about having several photographers all trained the same way in how to shoot at your venue, is that we will always have another kickass photographer ready to step in and blow you away.


Who will edit the photos after the wedding?

Rick will handle the editing of your photos in his signature style, having sneak peaks ready for you within 48 hours of the wedding and the full gallery within four weeks.


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