When Stacey & Brian chose a mid February day to have their Zonzo Estate Wedding, they never could have envisaged it being the coldest Feb day in 10 years. It was such a true testament to their unwavering love of each other and resilient character, it did not phase them one bit.

Without a little rain there can be no rainbow and they were blessed with one right at the end of their ceremony. Everyone spilled onto the grass and gazed in awe at the perfectly timed gift of nature. What better omen could you ask for?

Epic skies and a dazzling sunset followed as Zonzo put on their signature feast. No one has ever left a Zonzo Estate wedding still hungry. Brian’s speech melted everyone, including me. Stacey was not surprised when I confessed my man-crush of Brian as we conga lined into the night.

Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia
Zonzo Estate
Sally Hughes
Yarra Valley wedding photographer and artist of rad love stories. Planning your Zonzo Estate wedding and looking for a photographer and some invaluable information on getting married in the region?