Whenever I show the album from Klaudia + Damien’s beautiful Riverstone Estate wedding, it always leaves everyone completely enamoured with them. Maybe it’s Damien’s quirky sense of humour that shines through even in the photos or Klaudia’s tenderness and openhearted love for Damien and life.

Together they were such a fun couple to be around and spend the day with. Klaudia surprised Damien with an awesome whiskey cart before the wedding which I only wish I had time to sit with him and enjoy!

I loved it during the ceremony when they pulled out photos of themselves as young kids and we got a snap of the before and the now. Matt then whisked us off in the golf buggy for their signature Riverstone Estate wedding location shoot around the vast and diverse property and all I had to do was stand back and capture the emotion that unfolded as they celebrated connecting their lives together.

They also used the sunset as an opportunity to step out from their wedding for a moment to share a few minutes together as we got some simply magical photos in the back paddock and vineyard.

Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia
Riverstone Estate
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