Projekt 3488 Wedding / Natasha + Simon

Yarra Valley entrepreneurs Natasha + Simon hosted an unforgettable party for their Projekt 3488 wedding.  They had a heartmelting ceremony on the deck overlooking the picturesque Warburton mountains. The speeches had us all in stitches as they described the time Natasha gave Simon a black eye for being a stubborn smart-arse. They also lovingly detailed the history of their relationship and their strong attraction and faith in each other to shirk the mainstream and start their own business, Yarra Linen.

The endeavour has gone from strength to strength thanks to their ingenuity, dedication and an unstoppable partnership.

Anyone who has ever attended a Projekt 3488 wedding knows that Mark and Sandi don’t do anything in half measures. The night was spectacular and delivered a unbridled, leave-it-all-on-the-dancefloor atmosphere. Jessie from Locavore Studio served up her sensational, region-leading cuisine and Holly from Anouk Flowers did a masterful job weaving her floral magic around the venue.