Churchill Events Wedding of Charlene and Tim

Tell me about your The Beginning!

Before Tinder was a thing, I added Tim on Facebook and he started a conversation with me. His first post on my wall being: “Gday Charlene, cheers for the ad, I know your face but I don’t think we’ve met? 😀 This was September 2008 while I was at Uni studying and Tim had come back from Melb for the year, after deciding to apply for a different Uni course. I was his silver lining for a year that hadn’t gone to plan for him.


When and where did you get engaged?

Tim proposed on 1 June 2019 when we were down at Anglesea for a long weekend getaway. The trip was my idea, however on the night we left Melbourne he purchased a bottle of champagne, my suspicions were high as he hadn’t bought a bottle in 10 years! It was to celebrate a new role he got at work apparently. On the weekend he wanted to have a picnic on the beach, which seemed a bit odd on the first day of Winter! I went along with the idea as I enjoy romantic dates. We carried our picnic things along the beach trying to find the perfect spot for probably 1km! Tim has always been pretty private, so this was not too unusual, however he was getting very flustered in the face by this point. We found a spot and I started setting up the cheese/meat platter – I started separating the prosciutto and Tim exclaims “Can you just stop that for a minute!!”, as if I had been separating prosciutto for much too long :D. He then said some words that I don’t remember and got up on one knee. I definitely cried and felt so incredibly happy. We didn’t tell anyone for around 24hrs and just stayed in our own love bubble, which was absolute bliss. I felt so content.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We wanted a relaxed, almost Tuscan vibe, with our al fresco dining bathed in herbs and fresh lemons, next to the rustic and romantic church. We made every effort to add personal touches along the way, to really make it memorable.


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

When we got engaged, I told my parents that I wanted to arrive in their rally car, that they had rolled in an event 20 years prior! We have since stripped down the car, new paint job, built a brand new engine and rebuilt it together. It has been so special and is one of the most exciting parts of the day. You’ll hear us coming that’s for sure!!
We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone, it feels like a long time between parties and will be so special to have all our favourite people together in the one space.


Top Tips!

Stay true to you as a couple. You will never please everyone, so make the day special for the two of you and how you would like to celebrate the day. Find an A-team of suppliers, it really makes the lead up and organisation that much more enjoyable! We have really loved getting to know all of the legends who will make our day absolutely unforgettable!

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