Alchemy: The Best Cafe in Healesville?

January 22, 2016

There's a new contender in town for the title of best cafe in Healesville. Newly opened 'Alchemy' which you may recognise from their stylish fashion frontage on the main street have opened up a new cafe in the alley opposite the Post Office.

And it is massive.

As I'm sure everyone else will feel when they visit it for the first time, it is simply baffling how much space is up there and the crew have made the most of it. Stuffed with charm, reindeer antlers, exposed brick, chili plants, 18th century ovens and rusted machinery parts from a bygone era, the owners have put a lot of effort into providing diners with not just another cafe. With a grassy play area for kids and a designated Sushi area, it really is a fun venue.

Oh, and the food is awesome too! I downed 'the devil' yesterday; poached egg on toast with chili beans, spinach, roast potatoes and a massive field mushroom. mmmmm.

Get in there and try it, if you're like us, you'll be backing it up the following morning.




Almost. Second best I’d say, hard to go past their neighbour, the Cherry Tree Cafe. Best coffee in the Yarra Valley. Hopefully though, these two shop terrific venues can bring in the masses. Well done Healesville.

Very impressive looking cafe and sushi bar. I cant help but wish it was a restaurant, as Healesville needs some more variety on the night time scene.
However back to my experience, i visited Day 2, There was so flow issues which can be expected…but Im a tough customer for excellent service. Having said that, I’ll be back for sure. … the place is a pure delight on the eye.