Adams Farms Wedding of Tiasmin and Jack

Tell me about the beginning!

Jack and I met in High School – in year 10 to be exact when I (Tiasmin) moved to Emerald with my Mum & Step Dad. When I first started at the local high school the teachers specifically told me not to be friends with Jack & his best friend Jones (they were the trouble makers) but they were my first friends I made. And from day one I knew Jack and I were going to be together. It was no secret everybody knew I had a major crush on him. It was fate that we were going to be together! We both had our first ‘real’ job’s together at Woolworths & we finished our high schooling together then just after year 12 exams we started dating. Fast forward to 2023 we have two beautiful boys & we are getting married on our 10 year anniversary.


When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged in Byron bay after being together for 7 and a half years. The ring was worth the wait! It was sunrise and we decided to walk the track at the light house. I (Tiasmin) was not expecting it at all, Jack was never big on the idea of marriage so even though I was always asking him when he was proposing – I never thought he would actually do it. We got to the most eastern point of Australia (a stop on the lighthouse track) and as the sun was coming up he popped the question! Safe to say I definitely ugly cried haha! I was in shock! When I worked out our 10 year anniversary would fall on a Saturday I thought it would be the perfect day to get married.


What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We wanted our wedding day to reflect us as a couple. Basically we envisioned having one big party with our closest family and friends. We wanted our day to be filled with love, laughter, dancing and good food. Our venue was a perfect fit for us as it was basically a blank canvas for us to work with. We hired both a wood fire pizza truck, and paella so our guest will be well fed! We have a mobile cocktail bar making up cocktails for the night, its definitely going to be a great night!


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Other than marrying the love of my life probably the food to be honest and dancing the night away!


Top Tips!

It’s your day! You do what works for you! Can’t pick between two options just do both! You won’t regret it!