About Me

I was born and raised in Healesville, and I think growing up in a small town gave me the soleĀ focus of meeting as many people from asĀ far away places as possible. Once I had that mindset, I jumped at every opportunity that came my way to explore, dream and discover.

My first job as a photographer was for a British adventure wear brand with shoots all over the world. It opened my eyes to what was possible and the magic of photography. That a single image could transport you to another place and time, and allow you to actually feel yourself in the image. The pursuit of this crazy passion enabled me to witness so many uniquely beautiful life stories that are far more inspiring than fiction.

I settled in Shanghai, as it was a melting pot of interesting people from every culture. One of them in particular caught my eye. A drop dead gorgeous fashion designer from Ibiza, who couldn't understand a word of my Aussie accent but assumed I must be a surfer (I was careful not to correct her).

After five incredible years in Shanghai together, we moved to Ibiza and had our beautiful daughter, Vedra Jade. As much as we love scooting the streets of the French Concession in Shanghai and swimming in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the Yarra Valley is where we now call home and after seeing so much of the world, there's honestly nowhere else we'd rather be.

Vedra Jade

Our Beautiful Daughter

I want to say a wholehearted thank you to all of my couples. Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to spend more time with my gorgeous, cheeky, hilarious daughter than most other fathers I know. It means the world to me. She is my hero and I live to see her laugh, learn and love.

You will be happy to hear that I am spending that time grooming her to one day work with daddy. She is already quite the accomplished photographer, getting published in the newspaper at just three years old. If you click no other links on this site, make it this one.

Vedra's article

Useless Facts

Johnnie Walker sent me on an overland odyssey from Singapore to Moscow, teaching cricket to locals

I was the first Australian on the Amazing Race. I came second and I'll never live it down

I was the host of Getaway in China and was once told to perform a Chinese song on guitar to a live crowd. It still gives me nightmares

I've held my breath underwater for over 5mins and somehow didn't die

I have an Accounting degree for some reason. I went for one interview and walked out.

I've travelled to 75 countries and all 7 continents. That's nearly as many places as my luggage

My favourite sport is mixed netball. I joined the team at Uni to meet girls and never looked back

I tried to start a Boy Band in Uni called Maximum Forte. We had a myspace

Meet the Team


Photographer + Editor

He's a daughter raising, gin swirling, free diving, dance floor shredding, oracle of Yarra Valley weddings and he can't wait to party with you.



Whiskey connoisseur, gym junkie, gear head, owns more equipment than the rest of the team combined.

Wanting that liberating feeling of being at ease, while knowing you are in the hands of a true professional? Let Marcel guide you all the way!



Hands down the funniest bugger in the entire industry, Matt has a way of disarming, then alarming. He'll get you feeling super comfortable and romantic, then have you in stitches. Naturally, the incredible candid shots ensue. We try not to hold the fact that he's British against him.

We are Rick Liston + Co

All disco. No panic.

With over 1000 weddings under our collective belts, we are your home for kickass, unguarded, real photography of your wedding that you'll be raving about for the rest of your lives.

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