rick liston Yarra valley wedding photographer and daughter Vedra Jade

What I'm all about

I like walks around my property in Healesville with my family. Sharing a bottle of wine and local cheese by the bonfire at sunset. We collect furniture made from recycled wood. I love to print photos and find places for them in my home. If I wasn't shooting weddings I'd be an underwater/astronomy photographer.

I'm a citizen of the world. I spent the majority of my adult life living between Asia and Europe before settling back with my family to where it all began, the Yarra Valley. I will always be at home in the waters of the Mediterranean or scooting through the streets of Shanghai.

You'll usually find me in the cafes of Healesville or on a midweek getaway down at the peninsula with Nadia and V.

Vedra Jade

My Beautiful Daughter

I want to say a wholehearted thank you to all of my couples. Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to spend more time with my gorgeous, cheeky, hilarious daughter than most other fathers I know. It means the world to me. She is my hero and I live to see her laugh, learn and love.

You will be happy to hear that I am spending that time grooming her to one day work with daddy. She is already quite the accomplished photographer, getting published in the newspaper at just three years old. If you click no other links on this site, make it the one under her photo.


“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are”

Paul Caponigro


Taking artful, natural photos of you on your wedding day is only just the beginning. From the moment you first engage me, you’re getting a local guide.

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I always prefer to meet with my couples in person. You can love my photos, but the only way for me to get those raw emotions is when you feel comfortable being yourselves around me. Grabbing a beer, glass of wine or a local gin is a great place to start! We can go through your best options to stay that offer the most sensational views, gorgeous bedrooms with large windows that let the light flood in. I can recommend fantastic suppliers that are familiar with your venue or even help you choose the venue that’s right for you and the time of year you want to get married. I’ve helped many couples organise separate location shoots on private properties, giving them the unique experience of taking wedding photos somewhere incredible that has never been shot before. This is the value of a local photographer who has grown up in the area and has earned a stellar reputation for providing a kickass service. Just ask the venues in the area who they recommend.

When your wedding day rolls around, usually way faster than you expect, you will be joined not by a photographer, but by a friend with a camera who wants nothing more than for you to be able to see for yourselves what we all do, two hearts combined.

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This might sound like I’m overselling it, but I want my photos to transform your lives. I want to show in my images something you may never have seen before, because each couple is unique and nothing will resonate with you more overwhelmingly than your own love. I then want to frame that emotion and make it a part of your lives to remind you of it every day. Think about how warm your home will feel with those heartfelt moments that illicit the love that exemplifies everything your marriage stands for, as the feature piece in your living room or bedroom. I have partnered with Australia’s best and oldest lab, Atkins, to print your memories onto premium fine art cotton paper, hovering freely in acrylic and housed in a stunning ultra matte timber frame. Its magic floating in a dream. More than an album, more than digital files or an online gallery, it is this doorway to those emotions that you will see and love, every… single…. day.

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I’m that serious about my couples printing their photos and transforming their homes to reflect the love they share that I offer all of my prints and frames at cost price. You’re entrusting me to photograph your once in a lifetime day. That’s incredible! I’m so thankful. The least I can do is repay that trust by helping you every way I can; with the planning of your wedding, allowing you to be yourselves on your wedding day, capturing those precious memories artfully and honestly, and bringing those memories to life in your home.

I’m here for you all the way.



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