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Is your Yarra Valley Vineyard as beautiful in photos as it is in real life? Do your current photos accurately depict what it's like to walk through your vines, dine inside your restaurant, or see what goes on behind the scenes and who is responsible for that amazing wine?

When wine-goers are making their decisions about which vineyard to visit in the Yarra Valley, give them every reason to pick yours.

I offer high quality imagery from an experienced vineyard photographer with an arsenal of equipment targeted at showcasing your premises to reflect its actual beauty. Find out below what makes my vineyard photography so great and why you should contact me today. Don't let another weekend pass without making an impression.

Vineyard Gallery

My Vineyard Photography Service


Aerial Photography

Take in the expanse of your vineyard from the skies with my aerial photography as your rows of grapes carve out perfectly aligned patterns in the Yarra Valley landscape. I own a DJI Phantom 3, capable of 4k video and flying over a diameter of 4km, so no matter how vast your vineyard, we can get it all in the one shot!



A sweeping vineyard vista rarely fits into one photograph. To capture it all in its entirety often requires shooting multiple photographs and compiling them together with specialised software. The result is one continuous, seamless, panoramic piece of art.

Macro Photography

When it comes to wine, detail is everything. Allow the viewer a glimpse into the micro world of wine making. It's all these tiny elements coming together that makes your wine what it is. Celebrate that with some ultra close-ups.

I started my career as a garden photographer and have always found it rewarding, showing the owners the intricate beauty of their gardens, brought to life on a large scale print.


It's often the face of your brand, the restaurant is critical to leaving a lasting impression on your guests. That's why you've put so much effort into the interior decorating, hiring the right staff and curating the perfect menu to compliment your wines. Have it photographed professionally by someone with years of experience as a real estate photographer.

With the Full Coverage Package, I even include a Virtual Tour to give your guests the closest experience to actually being there.

Food & Wine

Speaking of a well curated menu, having your signature dishes professionally photographed by a food photographer shows how seriously you take your cuisine. A great food photo will jump of the screen, you can actually taste it.

And don't forget the wine! While studio wine bottle photography must be photographed off-site, I can get some terrific shots of your wine featured on a table setting.

Barrel Halls

There is something so essentially romantic about barrel halls. The stillness, the cool temperature, the smell of oak, and knowing you are standing amongst thousands of litres of liquid art in the making.

By using a photographic technique of merging multiple exposures to to capture a High Dynamic Range, I can provide you with stunning images no matter how dark it is in there.

Staff Portraits

Give your visitors an insight into the great minds behind the wine with some staff portraits of your wine makers in action. These shots can then be used for your profile photos on your website and are an easy option to send off for any media requirements.

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Photography Packages

Basic Coverage

$ 450

2 hours
  • 25min Aerial Flight Time
  • Vineyard Photography
  • Restaurant or Winery

Half Day

$ 700

4 hours
  • 50 min Aerial Flight
  • Sunrise or Sunset Shoot
  • Vineyard Photography
  • Restaurant & Winery

Full Coverage Whatever You Need

$ 1200

8 hours
  • 50 min Aerial Flight
  • Sunrise or Sunset
  • Vineyard Photography
  • Restaurant & Winery
  • Staff Portraits
  • Food Photography
  • Virtual Tour
  • Short Video

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