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Rae & Gian's Swiss Alps Wedding


Friends and family from the world over; China, Singapore, Germany, Australia, the States, up the street a bit, all culminated in the stunning town of Pontresina, nestled in the Swiss Alps to celebrate the union of a mountain boy and his mermaid.

Over the best part of a week, we all fell in love with the town, the Hotel Saratz that hosted us, the day spa, and most overwhelmingly, we all left feeling like a part of a greater family, the SaratzChens.

The wedding started with an 'Eviva'; dinner and drinks atop Mouttas Muragls, a mountaintop restaurant that lay in the wake of a serpent made of clouds. From there we beheld some of the best views we've ever seen in our lives.

The wedding ceremony was held in the San Niculo Church, where we enjoyed some impromptu piano performances from some of the youngest guests. Following the heartfelt vows we met on the lawn of the Hotel Saratz for a outdoor toast on one of the most spectacular days of the year.

Finally, the night took us indoors for the wedding reception where we laid feast to an exceptional meal and some hilariously incriminating speeches.

The night did not end there, not by about 5 hours in fact, as the staff converted the reception hall into a pumping night club that was soon overrun by a flash mob dance with Gian at the helm.

The less said about the rest of that night, the better. However I will say this, Rae and Gian, after scribbling out a full page in your guest book at 4am and reading everyone else's entries, I'm sure you both know how much we all love you.



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