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Lay-Flat Flush Mount


Handcrafted in NY


Lifetime Guarantee

Renaissance Albums


I always want to be transparent with my suppliers. These will be your treasured albums, after all, so you should know where they came from and with what quality they are produced.

They are handcrafted by Renaissance Albums in New York from their most premium Soho line. These flush mount albums come with thick, durable pages so you won’t have to worry about creasing. The albums are layflat and seamless with edge to edge printing allowing you to showcase a full panoramic image running across a double page spread without a deep unsightly crease through the middle.

The cover materials below range from luxurious leathers to sophisticated silks and natural linens. They arrive packaged in a premium black stitched box.

I offer them in a range of sizes including 8 x 8, 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 inches.


All Renaissance Albums come with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured, knowing these are built for life, just like your marriage.

Album Pricing


Album Size (Inches) Base Price (12 Spreads) Price Per Additional Spread
8 x 8 $800 $40
10 x 10 $900 $50
12 x 12 $1000 $60

Please note, 1 Spread = 2 Pages. Prices are inclusive of GST & Shipping

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