Corporate Portraits

by rickliston, October 5, 2015

Corporate Portraits for LinkedIn Profiles

One of the most effective ways of looking professional on your LinkedIn profile is with a professional portrait. Too many people misrepresent themselves with the wrong photo, harming their career prospects and it can be COSTLY!

"Why should I pay for a professional portrait when I can take a photo of myself for free?"

If you're asking yourself this question, then you'll probably also find yourself asking "Why is nobody responding to my requests or sending me work opportunities".

Making a small investment to present yourself in the most professional capacity will pay dividends in the long run with how you are perceived. It is an easy fix, in fact, there is little else in your profile that can be improved so quickly and effectively.

When you book a session with me, I will arrive at your home or office with a portable backdrop and studio. We will have a photoshoot in a few of your favourite outfits. I will send you 10 x professionally edited images in both high and low resolution. The cost of my session starts from $350 for individuals but I am also available for staff photos (price will depend on number of staff).

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